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Horse Trailer Accessories at Shinin' B Trailers


When Only the Best Will Do

step above horse trailer acessory


  Step Above provides the safest and strongest access to   the roof of your trailer.  Can be mounted on the side or   back of your trailer.

  Carrying hay or feed to your hayrack or pod has never   been easier.



Step Above Horse Trailer Ladder







haylevator hay elevator horse trailer accessory

HayLevator Horse Trailer Accessory

The Ultimate Horse Trailer Accessory!

Loading hay onto your horse trailer has never been easier!!

The HayLevator is the best bale loading device on the market today.  It is designed to be durable, compact, safe and easy to use.  It measures 14 inches wide and only protrudes 3.25 inches from the side of the trailer.  The platform folds up and locks into place so you don't have to assemble it before using.  Simply plug in the remote control cable, fold down the platform and load up your hay!



horse trailer accesssories kentucky


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used horse trailers

We also maintain a good supply of clean used horse trailers.
Ask about the NATDA Certified Pre-Owned Trailer Program.
We also maintain a good supply of clean used trailers.

Delivery Available, Trade Ins Welcome and Financing Available.

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